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For Personal Use

Use in games, projects and videos

All of the music created by me except those mentioned in the list at the bottom of this page are allowed to be used in your personal, non-commercial project, for example:

You may monetize your videos that used my music, however, streaming or publishing your video on Youtube with my music may cause your video getting a ContentID.

You are also required to provide the song's credit when you publish your work.

Remixes and Covers

Although I will not be able to provide any MIDI or FLP files, you are allowed to remix or cover any of my songs and upload them on different platforms and monetize them.

However, any remixes or covers such as "Nightcore Remix", "Speed up ver.", "Slow down + Reverb" are not allowed to be made and uploaded on any platforms.


Please contact me through Discord (Ardolf#4885) or E-Mail.



I am capable of making songs up to 2-6 minutes long as well as rhythm game friendly genres and styles. If you are hosting any rhythm game tournament, I can also make custom songs for you.


The price would be 20 USD/hour spent on project. All payment will be made through PayPal only.


Please contact me through Discord (Ardolf#4885) or E-Mail. You should state clearly the purpose of getting the commission, the style you are looking for and any special requirements.

For Business Use

Please contact me through E-Mail.